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Brett Koolik

Brett Koolik


​As a 14-year-old kid in South Florida, Brett Koolik wrote and self-produced his first song, an early glimpse into the heartfelt storytelling and sophisticated sense of melody that now define his music. Over the coming years, he continued writing and releasing his own material—a self-motivated routine he’s maintained even while keeping up his studies in biomechanical engineering at Nashville’s Vanderbilt University. Despite very little self-promotion on Koolik’s part, songs like his 2017 single “The One I Need” drew attention from such industry heavyweights as Z3N (a producer with Electric Feel Entertainment, whose roster includes Post Malone and Louis Bell) and set in motion what’s sure to be an exciting and enduring career.

Upon heading to college in the music-biz hotbed of Nashville, Koolik balanced his demanding academic schedule with abundant time spent writing and recording at an on-campus studio (an opportunity afforded through his acceptance into Vanderbilt’s ultra-competitive Media Immersion program). Not only essential in honing his musicianship—and his rare ability to handle everything from hip-hop to EDM with equal finesse—that atmosphere of spirited collaboration enabled Koolik to organically assemble a creative team versed in such skills as merch design and social media marketing. During his sophomore year, his relentless dedication paid off when “The One I Need” found its way to a TV star and aspiring pop artist, who soon enlisted Koolik as a collaborator for a duo project set for release in 2021.

In one of his latest undertakings, Koolik has joined forces with Z3N (Lil Wayne, Juice WRLD, Meek Mill, 2 Chainz) and Brett “Beats” Bailey (a co-producer on Nicki Minaj’s gold-certified “Bed” ft. Ariana Grande) and started developing songs to pitch to major pop stars. Having identified Koolik as a budding triple-threat artist/co-writer/producer in the vein of Jack Antonoff or Ryan Tedder, his newfound collaborators have helped to foster his gifts for toplining and production, ultimately accelerating his musical growth and further setting the stage for breakout success as both an artist and behind-the-scenes hitmaker.